Processed food is increasing

This afternoon, I went with my husband to Costco here in Seattle to get some supplies.  I hadn’t been there for a while and a lot of changing and moving around had happened.  The reason? apparently the need for more refrigerator and freezer space.   I realized that this means more processed foods, fast meals, ice creams and other crap.

You see, I live in a world where the people I interface with are more health conscious, and  shop their food at the farmers market or the co-op (at least for the most part).  And, even if they go to Costco they will look for the products that are organic.  Nevertheless, since this is not the norm, it concerns me.

With the increasing health issues we are facing people should be more mindful of what they eat, i.e. it would be best to eat more fresh produce and foods cooked from scratch.  It shouldn’t be  the other way around.

Yes, I  hear the voices “I don’t have time to cook”, “working two jobs no time to pii”, “with three kids where do I find the time to cook”?etc.

I hear you and I do want to emphasize that the priorities need to change. Your health and the health of those around you,  depends on you and the choices you make.  Processed foods, and why would Costco increase its space to carry more of it if there weren’t a greater demand, carry preservatives and ingredients that you don’t want to accumulate in your body. Yes, it is convenient and the long term effects of this convenience do not look bright.

“You are what you eat”, Proverb

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