Focus is given to obesity epidemic

It is refreshing to read the article that was published today at the Los Angeles Times with regards to the obesity epidemic, while at the same time scary to read the facts.

* Two out of three adults and one out of five children in the U.S. are obese or overweight.

* Childhood obesity can lead to depression, anxiety, asthma and joint problems and is the single biggest predictor of diabetes.

* Healthcare providers, increasingly diagnosing the condition in children, have stopped calling Type-2 diabetes “adult onset.”

* Scientists estimate that due to complications related to childhood obesity, today’s youngsters could be the first generation to live fewer years than their parents.

* The direct medical costs of obesity total about $147 billion annually, almost twice the amount since the CDC first considered costs in 1998, and more than $50 billion more than is spent fighting cancer each year, according to a study funded by the CDC Foundation and released Monday.

It is about time that more attention is given to such a societal thorn and even though  the focus is on providing healthy choices and increasing physical activity at schools, I would like to see more education as well. Education on nutrition and on healthy lifestyles will bring transformation and  long lasting results.

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