Lifestyle matters in developing dementia

Once more the Mediterranean diet is emphasized as the leading model of a “right” diet, at the Health section of Wall Street Journal.  I am grateful that one of the leading neurologists is Greek and therefore has the experience of the Mediterranean diet first hand. However, it is worth mentioning that in Greece today, locals do not necessarily follow this kind of diet.

Yes, it would be wonderful if they did, they would be much healthier overall, but for the most part fast and junk food is readily available. What is different though is the quality of the food that one gets, the quality of the soil food grows on, the environmental toxic load and overall outlook at life.  All these factors are in much better condition than in US.

Nevertheless, it would be wise to take into consideration another leading factor in developing dementia, stress, which does kill brain cells and overtime may lead to certain complications.  In conclusion, when we talk about diet and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle it is important to include in the parameters stress, emotional and mental outlook, as well as the  environmental toxic load.

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