Beyond the mediterranean diet

I recently published an article on as to what the Mediterranean diet looks like and why it is beneficial. The point I wanted to make by writing that article was that diet alone is not enough.  There needs to be emotional, mental and spiritual harmony in one’s life as well for long lasting health and longevity.

Definitely, if one is on a milk shake and burger diet, eating fruits and vegetables will help a lot but if this person is constantly under stress which taxes their kidney-pancreas-insulin relationship, no matter how many veggies they eat, they may become insulin resistant and gain weight along with other complications.

Stress is the number one reason for doctors’  visits and yet, instead of massive research and funding being employed towards documenting the effects stress has on one’s health and educating further the public, focus is given on approval of new drugs which have hardly been tested, given that it takes ten years and massive $amounts for FDA to approve a new drug.

It makes one wonder how come a new drug can be approved so fast nowadays and what new complications and unknown diseases we will see in the coming years from the use of such drugs.

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