Glenn Close on mental illness

An interesting article was published today on Huffington Post by Glen Close.  She is talking about mental illness and what a taboo it is, if I may use this word, in that no one speaks about it and yet many people may suffer themselves,  know of someone else or have a member in their families.

What stood out was the comment she made at the end:

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by the year 2020 mental illness will be the second leading cause of death and disability. Every society will have to confront the issue. The question is, will we face it with open honesty or silence?

If I take into consideration the increase in environmental toxins and excitotoxins (from sugars and food additives) this may not be that far out.  I think the real question is how can we educate anyone and everyone who influences the life of a human being from conception through the first few years of life, and beyond, on the importance of diet, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle and environment on physical, emotional and mental health.

I do not imply here that all mental illness is caused because of bad diet or environmental toxins.  However, based on the rise of autism, the modern    diagnosis of  ADD and other similar diseases that kids have from early on, to a great extent we will find that many of them are indeed linked to diet and environmental pollution, including vaccines.  And, for those illnesses “appearing” later in life we will have to look into stress levels and lifestyle.

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