Barbara Marx Hubbard live this week

I’m very excited to share an opportunity with you – an event this Thursday, April 22, that offers important teachings for awakening and collective change.

It’s with one of our most revered evolutionary teachers Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is offering a new synthesis of the best of her life’s work starting next week.  This Thursday, she’s offering a free teleseminar to share key insights from this work:

The Sacred Core of Conscious Evolution: Connecting with Your Soul’s Destiny

You can register even if you can’t make it live and they’ll send you a link to download the audio after the call.

The key takeaways she lists for the call are:

  • The most important sacred codes for connecting your soul’s destiny with the emerging social order.
  • How to awaken and strengthen your evolutionary core.
  • A powerful practice for shifting your identity from ego to essence as part of birthing the new human.
  • How to align your life with your evolutionary compass of joy.
  • How to expand your vision of the next stage of evolution.

Sounds great to me!

If you are not familiar with Barbara, she is one of today’s most respected pioneers of the path of conscious evolution. Neale Donald Walsch calls her a “global treasure” and Deepak Chopra calls her “the voice for conscious evolution in our times.” I see her as an amazing and inspiring teacher, which is why I feel called to share this call with you.

CLICK HERE to learn more and register.



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