FridayInspiration: Someone exactly like you

For Van Morrison lovers, you know the song “Someone like you“, one of my all time favorites.

Piermont Garden, NY 2010

Now, imagine listening to this song as you sit in a beautiful little garden right in front of the beach…few trees, you are sitting in a comfortable chair underneath one, looking around at the colorful flowers… when, the playfulness of two butterflies catches your eye…they are deep orange and black, flying right in front of you… they intermingle, touch, making love…who knows… the game is endless, uninhibited, as if they are singing to each other…

I have been searching for a long time… someone exactly like you…someone like you makes it all worthwhile…someone like you keeps me satisfiedsomeone exactly like you

Then, they pause…resting among the flowers… delighting in the nectar…getting full before they continue their play…you will see them in this picture, peacefully cherishing the stillness before they start over with their song….Enjoy!

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