FridayInspiration: The Garden of Plenty

Reflecting on what would  the post be this morning, the picture of  my Garden Buddha came to mind.

Garden Buddha

This brought a series of memories from one of the happiest summers in my life,  when I decided to grow a home garden right on our balcony.   At the time, I was not a gardener but I spent long hours at the local nursery looking and admiring plants.

I figured the best experience would come by trying whatever felt good and beautiful, and that is what I did.

That summer in Southern California, I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, four kinds of basil, three kinds of mint (that my friends used for Mojitos), dill, chives, parsley, lots of marigolds, while caring for a gardenia, a lavender, a trail jasmine, a lemon tree and a mandarin tree.  All this on a condo balcony…

Summer food from nature

The garden was built out of my love for plants, the longing to be creative, and the desire for beauty and co-existence. I believe this notion sustained the plentiful result.

In the early evening,  I would sit outside smelling the various fragrances, looking at the diverse colors, sensing the energy emanating from the co-operation of the flower and human kingdoms, and my heart would be in eternal peace.  You know, this feeling of being in sync with all, of being one with All.  The harvest was a ritual in itself and the food delicious and nourishing at all levels.

Bringing this reflection to today, the approach to living my life is the same, that is,  experimenting with and striving towards what feels good, true and beautiful.  This attitude helps me stay in the present and create out of  love for beauty and harmony, so that the harvest is inspiring and abundant.

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