FridayInspiration: UN International Day of Peace Poem

The inspiration today is from the meditative walk our group did on Tuesday, Sept 21st, from the United Nations to Times Square.  A unique experience, in honor of  the International Day of Peace, that I attempted to capture in this poem.

Peace Making Isn’t Easy

Walking the busy streets of New York, I realized

Peace Making isn’t easy.

People’s glances and comments,

made it obvious, there was

work still to be done.

One tried to scare us of…how can you scare peace of?

There is no such thing, as peace

is lived and felt within.

Another tried to point us to Jesus,

“I hope you pray to Jesus”, he said, “I hope you do…”

Stepping aside perplexed, as we

sent him unconditional love.

A woman stood still, for a moment

wondering what we did.

Then, graciously bowed… our gaze

silently affirming, the deeper connection within.

Still others came and go, frantic,

enslaved in their own world.

It’s International Day of Peace today,

a day to notice, to acknowledge how

peace is lived within.

For, peace does start in one’s heart,

as it is felt therein, it starts radiating thereout,

attracting and transforming that

which is uneasy, turbulent, unjust.

Peace Making isn’t easy, until

it is made first within your heart.

A tribute to the UN International Day of Peace, Sept 21, 2010 © Liliane Mavridara

2 thoughts on “FridayInspiration: UN International Day of Peace Poem

Add yours

  1. Yes! How perfect

    “Easy-to know that diamonds-are precious, Good-to learn that rubies-have depth, But more-to see that pebbles-are miraculous.”

    May the memory of this day and the Miracle of Peace be yours evermore.


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