WednesdayReflection: The Expansion of Consciousness

Last night I participated in a group discussion on the broadening of consciousness, and the following drew my attention:

In certain mysteries the broadening of consciousness was likened to the awakening of spring. No one can follow the entire process of the growth of grass, but every heart rejoices on seeing the first flowers of spring.

It is likewise impossible to perceive the details of the broadening of consciousness, but a person’s transformation is quite evident. S/he who has become transformed does not know when and how his/her renewal began, and cannot say how his/her consciousness was broadened. Frequently, s/he will cite insignificant events but omit the most important event that influenced him/her.

Reflecting on my life and how I measure the expansion of consciousness, I realized that most of the times I take things for granted; events that have made me wiser, if you will, seem to faint in importance after a while.   However, if I make a comparison of who I am today, how I think today with how I was thinking three and seven years ago, for example, I can see how far I have come.

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