MondayLove: Embracing the strangeness within

Happy Monday! Today as I embarked on the MondayLove topic, I had difficulty connecting within.  The day has had a transitioning quality to it; perhaps because I completed my book, a project I have been working on 24/7 for the last 2,5 months, and now there is an empty space within noting “what is next”; perhaps because Mars moved into Sagittarius and the energy of everyday living is different.

The following piece from John O’Donohue and Beauty:The Invisible Embrace, caught my attention and pulled me gently through…

Because you are opaque to yourself, you are never finished with yourself: this is the quest for meaning. You never own yourself and stand constantly at new frontiers wondering what lies beyond….When you discover something new about yourself, you become more grounded and free….

Framed with our own thought-world, routines and expectations, only rarely do we get a glimpse of how strange we actually are.  We usually ignore and avoid the ever-present and curious strangeness that dwells in each individual…Strangeness attracts the imagination…

Part of the art of discovery is the integrity of its desire for holeness.  Your soul will not want to avoid or neglect the regions of your heart that do not fit the expected.  When you trust yourself enough to discover and integrate your strangeness, you bestow a gift on yourself.  Rather than annulling a complex part of your heart which would continue to haunt you, you have thrown your arms around yourself to embrace who you are.

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