The New Writers Contest; Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life” – By Liliane Mavridara

It seems the day flies
when you’re having fun
that’s what my friends say
those who live afar.

Having fun it is;
for when the human mind
laughs, all is well
for when the human heart
connects, all is enhanced
for when the human skin
touches and feels, all
is nourished and healed.

Enjoying life, co-creating
it at will, is what we must
learn if we want to succeed.

For, success is not measured
by material wealth, rather
it is by the spirit soaring
to heights never attained,
to realms yet undiscovered,
to beauty and love yet to be felt.

Enjoy life thus, move on
as you will, promise
yourself you’ll do so
as the day dawns and
the night sets in.©


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