The New Writers Contest; Life Is

“Life Is” by Liliane Mavridara

Life is where you go,

to temporarily forget who you are in your essence,

to learn about death and to believe in endings,

to love and be loved,

to lose yourself in what could be instead of what is,

to learn how to keep your heart open,

to speak the truth,

to support others in their pain and agony,

to lend a helping hand to those drowned in their emotional sea,

to nurture your senses with beauty and music,

to touch and be touched,

to hear the birds and the waves crushing along the coast,

to taste honey and salt on naked skin,

to feel ecstasy by the union of opposites,

to feel the chill of the rounded pebbles as your body lies still watching the sunset,

to feel the warmth of the beach fire as you lie next to your love watching the moon starring at you back,

to hear the sound of the guitar matching the rhythm of the shore,

to feel the warmth of the sun on your face in early dawn welcoming you to a new day,

to taste the grapes fresh and cool sweetening your tongue making you crave more,

to feel the breeze of the sudden winds making their way through you to re-arrange and re-commit what is true,

to walk along the path completely fulfilled knowing that what you got is real.

This is what Life is and all comes in a package you voluntary open because you know there is no other way to grow, and you cherish that you are able to do so. ©

The New Writers Contest – March 2011

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