Conscious Medicine at Findhorn-April 24,2011

Easter Sunday at Findhorn Foundation started with Laughter Yoga.

Key point: the brain is not able to distinguish between fake laughter and genuine one.  Research has shown that 10 minutes of daily laughter whether you pretend or not, strengthens the immune system and enhances overall well being.

Conscious Medicine – Day 2

25 April 2011

……..Stephanie Mines, a neuro-psychologist and peaceful revolutionary, takes the presenter’s seat to share her practical self-help tools to heal ourselves from shock. She has named this method, The Tara Approach. Here she has blended the ancient eastern practice of the body maps of the 8 Rivers of Splendour with the western knowledge of neuro-physiology. She claims that emotional and psychological suffering is a physiological condition, a neuro-chemical event, not separate. Thus, for any transformation to occur, it needs to happen through the body, through a direct shift in our neuro-chemicals.

Change has to happen in the pathways of our primitive, reptilian brain. “Every human being is exquisite!” In every moment we reveal the truth of who we are. As conscious medicine practitioners we are the truth seekers, the truth see-ers, and it is our task to empower others to take ownership of their health and wellbeing by restoring a sense of self.

Read more on the Findhorn Foundation Blog

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