Conscious Medicine at Findhorn-April 25, 2011

Another beautiful day at Findhorn Foundation; cherishing the sunshine, the inspiring conversations and community.

Key points: nature is readily available to us for healing, whether it is through taking a walk on the beach or lying on the grass looking at the deep blue sky ~ Walking in a garden after a rain, just by touching the flowers that draw your attention you receive their signature healing ~  You can only transform and heal what you are conscious of.

Conscious Medicine – Day 3

26 April 2011

…Arielle Essex presents her talk entitled The Choice that Heals. Diagnosed with a tumour on her pituitary, her 10 year healing journey has left her curious and asking the question: What makes a spontaneous remission happen?

She skillfully shares with us eight mental/emotional factors for spontaneous remission: face the crisis, find new meaning, express your emotions, take control of your life, create a healing support team, work in partnership with medics, take 100% responsibility, reduce stress, let go and trust. She weaves throughout her talk clear illustrations of how to engage these eight elements in a healing journey.

Read more on the Findhorn Foundation Blog

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