Conscious Medicine at Findhorn-April 26, 2011

Last day at Findhorn Foundation

Key point: The body has a natural stress release mechanism, ie trembling and shaking,  which we tend to suppress because of social conditioning and “what others may think”. When stress is not released, especially if a traumatic experience created it, that energetic charge stores in the body,  affecting the major systems and over time creating disease.

Conscious Medicine – Day 4

27 April 2011

…It is time for Karl Dawson to share his experiences of conscious medicine through his work in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. “Disease is no accident, everything our body reflects, illustrates our core beliefs.” He explains that trauma is not about the fight/flight response, it occurs when we are unable to discharge the natural freeze response from our bodies. This creates what he calls ECHOS (Energetic Conscious Holograms) that are resonances from the past that become triggered when sensory stimuli remind us of the original event.

“To the heart and mind, memories are current events. The body then responds by throwing our system into fight/flight mode and the cycle, unchecked, will eventually create disease.”

Read more on the Findhorn Foundation Blog

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