MondayLove: it is all about choice

Full Moon over Fife, Scotland©Liliane Mavridara

We are in the eve of the October Aries Full Moon, and many events happening around the world remind us that nothing is as it used to be.

In Libra there is always the question of Choice; how do you choose when you are faced with two options? what do you choose when your heart says one thing and your mind another? what do you choose when society dictates you to act in a specific way and the warrior within wants to break free? what do you choose when the personality wants to indulge in everyday comfort and the soul asks to blindly step into the unknown?

This is what this full moon asks you to do; to choose the path that leads you to an authentic expression of who you are both in relationship with yourself and the other.

Libra as a sign is the bridge between what has been and what is yet to come. It also shows you where you are out of balance in your life, in what area as well as the status of your relationships.  Are they harmonious? do they fulfill you and help you grow? are you in love? are you congruent and authentic? are you using your talents to bring harmony in your endeavors?

Take sometime this full moon to reflect  where you are in balance in your life and where you are out of balance.  In the process, honor your insights and love yourself for where you’ve been and how far you’ve come in your experiences. Then, imagine the area that is out of balance, ie if it is romance, exactly how you would like it to look like.  Imagine it in its most beautiful and complete expression…hold the vision and gently let it go!

And so it is!


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