FridayInspiration; when all has been said and done

Oregon Coast-July2011©

As I started putting my thoughts together for the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini and last total lunar eclipse till 2014, the phrase that kept running through my mind was “when all has been said and done”…

The themes we are playing with in this full moon and lunar eclipse (which actually started with the New Moon/solar eclipse on Nov 25th) bring to a completion if you will, themes we played with during the New Moon/Full Moon eclipses last June 1st and 15th. Same signs, similar dynamics yet, we have become much more than who we were back then.

What were the themes in your life beginning of the summer? which area(s) was more emphasized? was it relationships, work, life purpose, health, personal values? what has been the focus of the last six months? if you were to write a song based on your experiences what would its title be?

For me personally, being a Gemini and having had these four events in my 10th and 4th houses,  the focus in home, what I consider home to be and where, and dharma, my life work,were the main highlights.  Thus, I experienced a lot of traveling, relating, networking, writing, and creating.

Gemini is the great synthesis of paradox, of opposites until we find what is true; we come to what is true by comparing and contrasting, by eliminating what is not congruent and embracing what is, by bridging the personality and its desires with the soul and its demands for an authentic and loving life. Sagittarius, the great synthesis of form and spirit, of what is possible when the mind is one pointed, of what can be achieved when the worry and fear of everyday life are replaced  with total trust and willingness to follow one’s intuition and higher guidance.

So in the eve of this beautiful lunation, when all has been said and done, how do you proceed in life? do you still cling on the past and what you are familiar with, or do you let go, swimming with the constant change our times demand  allowing your heart to shine forth, embracing who you are becoming by trusting in your self, in your strengths and inner guidance, while imagining and manifesting the life you wholeheartedly desire?


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