MondayLove; matters of the heart

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with a friend who was facing some life challenges. During our conversation she mentioned a heart condition she developed a few years back and that she wanted to focus on diet and exercise as a way to become and stay healthier.

Knowing a little bit more about what was going on in her life, I commented that in Traditional Chinese medicine all disease starts from the heart, energetically speaking, when one is not in their “heart”, in their joy, in love.

Sometimes I personally take for granted that people are aware of the dynamics of consciousness and energy, the interface of mind-body-spirit, the psychosomatic symptoms of stress and conflict; that nothing and no one is living in a vacuum and thus whatever happens within will also manifest without, whether it is physical symptoms or external circumstances.

So, gently I offered that while she looks into diet and exercise as part of a healthier lifestyle, she may also look at where she is in conflict between what she really wants and what others demand of her, so that there is congruency and more peace within and the heart has a moment to settle, and not “run” all the time.

Often what is required is a bold look at your circumstances and where/how you give up your integrity for what you think you should be doing, or for what others require of you.  I do know that it is difficult because  usually we are either too immersed in the soup and cannot see over the pot, or because of the repercussions our decisions would have if we were to suddenly say, “enough is enough”.

However, little steps, little conscious moments may take you long ways if they are practiced as often as possible. For example, communicating your feelings, tuning in to what you love doing-to what feeds and inspires you, appreciating where you are in this moment, expressing your gratitude, enjoying the company of people you like, living in the present moment while holding a vision of  how you would like your life to be, trusting a little bit more and giving up control a little bit more-may be good starting points.

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