FridayInspiration;Take One More Look

“You are not simply there; you imagine who you are… The world never comes to you all at once…  In the midst of everything, there is one experience you are having literally every moment, namely, that this is you, in this body, here in the world, now”.

John O’Donohue from Beauty


The last couple of days have been colored by the Winter Solstice and a few important astrological aspects, I will cover one here, that may give us the tools  to navigate successfully 2012.

Not long after the Sun entered Capricorn, it squared Uranus in Aries, which also recently turned direct.  The sense of self symbolized by the Sun in an earth sign entered its grounding point, its earthy manifestation and Uranus came in to strike with his thunderbolts for the last time in this particular configuration, in these specific degrees.  Uranus takes approx 84 years to go around the zodiac and when it entered Aries last March, significant events transpired in the global scene.

A square can be a challenging aspect depending where you are on your personal journey, and in this last pass Uranus strikes once more the earth, the foundation within you.  Where this foundation is firm and anchored in integrity and spiritual values, the lightning has a regenerative effect, refreshing the soil and making it fertile.  But where this foundation is stale and crystallized, and there is refusal to embrace whom you have been called to be (after the last couple of eclipses Nov 24 and Dec 10), the changes may be abrupt and thunder-like. Uranus only purpose in this  case is to reveal what lies beneath and bring it to awareness.

This transformational energy will be further supported by Jupiter turning direct in Taurus on Christmas Day, another one of my favorite planets, which gave us an opportunity since end of August to review our spiritual principles and purpose this time around.  Hopefully, we will now make good use of the insights and knowledge we have gained over the last few months and move forward, imagining who we are…


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