WednesdayReflection; honoring your rhythms

Portobello Market-London ©2011 Liliane Mavridara

This week, between Christmas and New Years’, feels different from previous times.  This isn’t of surprise as I personally have had a full and quite adventurous year.  Yet, the experiential feeling while lying on a hammock in a beautiful garden under the winter sun in mid morning, gently moved by the breeze of north winds, is new.

As I start my morning, the awareness of my body’s rhythm and female cycle gets my attention; in this topic of conversation many of my girlfriends would immediately comment that it is age and our hormones.  Yes, it is true and there is also something to be said about our energetic profile and how that changes first, whether it is because of strong emotional affections, planetary or astrological impressions, last night’s dreams. Some of us are growing more sensitive, and this I have seen repeatedly with folks of both genders, as we strive to live  in a more congruent and authentic way.

In the present, for me this manifests as a need to sleep longer in the morning and earlier at night, to do my writing and other creative work in the morning, exercise or walk midday, eat early in the evening, eat warm foods including cooked veggies, instead of cold, fresh salad, watch a romantic comedy when I get too much in my head worrying and procrastinating.  This reflection has helped me be more productive and focused in what I choose to do during the day, both work and personal wise.

So, what I would like to suggest this week  as it naturally carries a more “downtime” feeling to it, is to reflect on your rhythms; when do you feel more focused, more productive, more sensitive and inward-focused? if you are a woman, notice the week before and after your cycle, and try to honor your need for rest, extra sleep, silence, doing nothing, caress, nurture and be nurtured.  What are your cravings, food and other? When do you feel more constrained and what helps you break  free?

Start noticing your patterns, knowing that your body (as a physical-emotional-mental unit) is a continuously changing entity, and experiment with honoring what you intuitively feel like doing…



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