SaturdayReflection; first Full Moon of 2012

Almost a day before the first Full Moon of 2012 (exact on Sunday Jan 8th at 11:30 pm PST), I start feeling it.  Main reason being that Cancer is a deeply emotional sign and for those of us with natal Moon in Cancer, this Full Moon can trigger deep emotions and responses whether rational or not.

This Full Moon is also colored  by Mercury’s aspects to the big players, Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, before it moves to Capricorn this evening, its first sign change since November 2nd.  Mercury represents our mind, how we think, how we process, how we communicate, how we respond, and depending on what element your Mercury is in can give you a clue of how you think and communicate.

The themes I am personally working with this Full Moon are a) how has my thinking and communication been influenced these last two months while Mercury was in Sagittarius,  b) what do I still need to let go (Cancer Moon) in order to climb the mountain (Capricorn Sun) lighter and once up there enjoy the view, and c) what have I learned over the past couple of months about my desires, attachments, vision of life that I can take along once I start going back down the mountain.

During Sagittarius the essence of experience is about aspiration, freedom, ideals, “I see the goal, I reach that goal, I see another”.  In Capricorn, that achievement, that reached aspiration is brought back down to earth; we ground that experience in practical daily living, we implement the visions and dreams we have had.

Take some time this weekend and reflect on what you are experiencing, what kind of feelings prevail and what insights you may get.  Note these feelings without judgement, to your best ability, and redirect your focus to something beautiful. And, remember that especially during a Full Moon the emotional sea rises and falls but does not last long…


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