FridayLove; every risk for growth will be rewarded

The after effects of this last Full Moon are still palpable in the air and colored by the upcoming  Venus-Neptune conjunction early this morning January 13th, on the Pacific Coast.

There is much to write about Neptune, the great Mystic, and Venus the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and even though in daily astrology this combination could herald confusion in matters of the heart, I would like to propose that it can also bring vision in what an ideal life full of love and inspiration may look like.

Sometimes the line between confusion and vision is thin, in that confusion could be a result of denial on what we trully want, what we wholeheartedly desire which Venus is very good at pointing out.  And Neptune, helps enter the dream state where everything is possible, where there are no boundaries other than those which we construct and impose, where past-present-future are one.

As you reflect today on your vision of ideal love, as well as on how a creative and inspiring life look like, I would like to share a piece from John O’ Donohue called The Beauty Of Love: Every risk for growth will be rewarded;

None of us comes to a new relationship with empty hands.  We carry within us powerfully the images of the masculine and the feminine…the images of those who have loved us and we have loved and the damaged images where we were wounded…Frequently, it is difficult for us to see each other through the net of patterns that entwines us. Yet the magic of new love can be the energy it releases. We become urgent and passionate.

New thresholds open and the grace of a new beginning becomes possible…Love is a great shelter within which vulnerability can be shown and gradually healed…Yet to love someone is an art.  It does not come simply or cheaply but is a lifetime’s work. It remains a huge risk to entrust the fragile barque of identity to the wide and precarious depths of another person’s life. There will be storms,  There will also be times when the emerging beauty of the voyage will bring unexpected joy.

Healing light will flow into the unknown region of the heart.  It is as though twilight were awakening in the inner night.  It is astounding how love can change a person.  Where there was fear, courage begins to dawn.  Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity. In old walls, unexpected doors open and the heart awakens with the desire “to live everything”.


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