TuesdayLove; Navigating The Heart

As I was writing this evening, the theme was on navigating the heart.  The story was primarily about the acceptance of feelings, taking ownership and expressing them.  It took me many years, and lots of crap, to get to this place where I can look someone straight in the eyes and say “I care deeply about you”.   And I can assure you, it ain’t easy.

What I have found is that it is much easier to say it, than pretend it doesn’t matter or suppress it so deeply that it becomes a hidden volcano that can never erupt yet, it leaks constantly in the ground.  I remember once one of my teachers saying that when you don’t share something that is in your heart, you deprive the other person from the experience of partaking in that joy.  In the holistic field, a similar example (energetically) would be when you provide a service, the other person says how much can I pay you and you answer, “oh nothing, it is free”.   In that moment you deprive the other person from returning the blessing if you will, in the only way he/she knows.

As you navigate this week, reflect where in your relationships, intimate or other, you hold back and where you give fully of your heart.  What is more often the case? If it is about holding back, how could you transform that? If you already give fully, then keep on doing it…


(7-Day Blogging Challenge with Brandy Mychals posted on FB-The Character Code System)

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  1. When my Mom was alive, she never used to hug or say I Love you (her parents never did that for her). I started giving her hugs everytime I saw her and telling her I love you. At first she was resistant, but eventually she started returning the hugs. It took months (years) but she finally became comfortable and it was like she had been doing it forever! Practice does make perfect!

    Candace Davenport
    http://www.ourlittlebooks.com ~ Little Books with a Big Message


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