WednesdayReflection; When Inner Conflict Leads To Balance

Continuing on the topic of relationships, the stars are providing another clue on Thursday, Jan 19th. 

The Sun, in the last degree of Capricorn, is squaring Saturn, in the last degree of Libra.  Squares involving the Sun point to an internal conflict, or a needed adjustment to what keeps you from living fully your potential.  For example, in the case of the Sun in Capricorn, you may experience it as a moment you get very angry with yourself, perhaps with goals you set for yourself that didn’t come through.  There may be a sense that what you have set practically in motion, or want to achieve, is perhaps over structured and the Sun’s influence asks you to choose another way or to re-adjust your way of operating.  Or, you may become aware of the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Saturn the great disciplinarian, among other titles, in Libra points to the way you relate to others, and most importantly the way you relate to yourself; it is about Right Relationships. With both sides of the square you may find that pursuing methodically your goals has become so stale and unattractive that new sails and fresh wind will provide the inspiration you need.  Or, as an entrepreneur the focus may be so much in daily work and overall career that important relationships in your life hurt.  Perhaps there are no important relationships whatsoever, and that alone may create conflict within you; between the desire of what you would like, a partner or a more loving relationship, and the reality of not having one.

So as you go about your day keep an open mind and heart as to what presents itself in these areas. Be receptive and note what you learn.   And, if you get pissy and frustrated with someone, or yourself, take a deep breath and “blame it on the stars”!


(7-Day Blogging Challenge with Brandy Mychals posted on FB-The Character Code System)

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