In Between Earth And Air; From Capricorn to Aquarius

Early on Friday morning on the West Coast, the Sun moves to the sign of Aquarius.  The hours before the Sun changes signs tend to have an “in between” energy, and depending on the element we move towards that energy can be palpable or more abstract and subtle.  I would like to describe the energies available to us inspired by the keywords of the respective signs as noted in esoteric and soul centered astrology.

During the month of Capricorn the tendency is to set goal(s), to establish New Year’s resolutions and to follow through in a practical way, so that these goals are brought to fruition in the coming month and year.   

From a spiritual perspective, the month of Capricorn also symbolizes a culmination of experiences that have brought one to the top of the mountain; the mountain symbolizing the goal of a higher aspiration and/or of enlightenment. Once on the top though, the individual realizes that there is more work to be done and turning his/her back to the Light, s/he comes back down the mountain.  Only this time, the individual brings along all the gifts and talents, the wisdom s/he has attained and applies them in service to humanity.

This is when the Sun moves into Aquarius; now, the individual with the group-focus orientation uses tools and practices that can unite communities, nations and humanity.  Aquarius as a sign carries a certain detachment from emotional attachment which helps when working with groups, while having a strong mental capacity which helps envision the big dream, and what is possible for humanity and the planet.

As you go about your day, reflect on what it is that you have learned along your life journey, what are the gifts you want to bring and share with your fellow travelers; what are the goals perhaps you have already set in motion and now can have a greater focus and impact.  Remember that there will always be those individuals waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain to come back down and assist, and during this month of Aquarian energy you may find yourself dreaming bigger that usual, seeing the whole picture of what may come.


For Capricorn the keyword is “Lost Am I In Light Supernal, Yet On That Light I Turn My Back”, and for Aquarius is “Water of Life Am I, Poured Forth For Thirsty Men”.   For an introduction to this body of work you can refer to Alan Oken’s Soul Centered Astrology, and Alice Baileys’ Esoteric Astrology books.


(7-Day Blogging Challenge with Brandy Mychals posted on FB-The Character Code System)

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