FridayInspiration; Living

The inspiration of the day came from a colleague battling with cancer and yet with a great attitude about the little pleasures in life and what is a priority!

I dedicate this poem to her called Living, which I wrote back in October 2011 when a dear friend in Seattle passed away very fast from the disease.   


Living in agony

                pleasure only in dreams

                as if it could ever defy gravity

                and manifest herein

 Living in harmony

                is out of reach

                as long as I keep wanting

                instead of accepting what is

 Living effortlessly

                feels good, and yet

                the question arises

                “is this as it should be?”

 Living, just living

                is all there is

                everything else comes and goes

                like the Sun, the Moon, the stars

Living is the thread

                underlying it all,

                                What do I choose today?


Copyright© 2011 Liliane Mavridara


(7-Day Blogging Challenge with Brandy Mychals posted on FB-The Character Code System)

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