WednesdayReflection: Venus Opposite Mars

Happy Month!

February is already here and it starts with a beautiful opposition between Mars and Venus today.  It could be the contrast between male and female energies, it could be competitive and antagonistic and yet, I personally see the opportunity for harmony between the two energies.

We all have Venus and Mars in our charts; Venus in everyday astrology symbolizes the goddess of love and beauty.  Venus also represents the higher mind that seeks what is good, true and beautiful, and shows you how you love, whom you attract, where in your life you appreciate and express beauty, and how you do that.

Mars symbolizes the masculine assertive energy, the one that could go the distance for what you believe in, for what you seek. Mars also represents the courage and passion that drives your daily living, how you do the things you want to do, how you go about reaching your dreams, your hearts’ calling.

Venus currently in Pisces; the endless sea of love, where we glimpse our deepest longings, passions, desires-how they look like or how do we experience them when there are no limits, none whatsoever. Mars currently in Virgo (retrograde); asserting our self-worth, letting go of self-criticism in order to gradually and systematically bring to fruition our goals, and live our purpose.

Take a few minutes to reflect today where in your life can purposeful assertion blend with intelligent reception?

How can the dreamy, imaginative, endless love and beauty you seek in your heart and mind (Venus in Pisces) find outward expression in a way that supports you to live harmoniously in all endeavors? Where can you love yourself so much so that you are willing to revisit your fears and doubts, ease on self-perfection (Virgo) and  set a course of action (Mars) that helps you implement your plans and ground your vision?

Where can you pause for a moment from daily busyness and appreciate the sunset?

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