TuesdayReflection: Full Moon In Aquarius, Leading By Example

Happy Full Moon!

The energies during this lunation are profound because of the many beautiful aspects underway, however I will only focus on a couple in this post.

During a Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs; in this round the Sun is in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo.  This opposition is where the Self meets the Other, primarily in the form of a group, association, humanity; where the heart-centered leader (Leo) informs or collaborates with  the group (Aquarius).

What we learn during this Full Moon, also because of the influence of Mars in Virgo (retrograde), is that a leader in order to be effective s/he needs to draw a line where s/he loses her/himself from lack of self-care, where the demands become so great that balance between personal and social life is lost, and where self-integrity is compromised for the big vision.

The question then becomes “how do you say “no” when you have exerted yourself as a leader (as an individual) through lack of self-care trying to make things work for the group (for others, family, etc)? where do you draw a line honoring your boundaries?

The effective leader is one who knows Thyself and from the lion-heart center s/he leads by example.  With Aquarius influence there is an idealism that pulls a visionary forward which is an absolutely beautiful combination.  However in this Full Moon we learn the dangers of this pull when it becomes such that one loses sight of what and how a vision needs to be carried forth. Or, in a different scenario, this pull can be expressed as self-martyrdom where others’ needs come always first until one day you fall sick and inevitably cannot take care of them anymore.

Moreover, this lunation is colored by Mercury embracing the Sun in conjunction, providing clarity of mind and direction.  Another way to think of it is this; Full Moons are about closing or bringing to conclusion issues you have been working on since the New Moon, in this case since Jan 22nd, that may need to be adjusted with the clarity and intuitive hits you get today.

Also keep in mind that Full Moon’s energy lasts for about five days; two before, the day of, and two after. Keep a journal or record anything that comes to mind these days especially if it is out of the ordinary!  And, with Neptune’s influence (now in Pisces), the imagination and insights may indeed be out of this world!



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