MondayReflection: When The Self Meets Poseidon Underwater

Happy Monday!

On the eve of a powerful New Moon in Pisces, we have been showered with the energetic influence of an equally powerful conjunction of the Sun and Neptune, meeting up and close both in the sign of Pisces for the first time in 150 years! Even though that exact event happened yesterday we are still under its influence.

Our lives are already colored by Neptune’s entry in Pisces a couple of weeks ago and now with the Sun having entered  Pisces just a few hours before this great intimate dance, makes an event worth looking at.  When a blueprint is highlighted in the celestial sky, we usually have past occurrences to compare it against and draw some possible conclusions of how it may all play out.  However, at the end of the day, how we as individuals (and our planet) will be experiencing a major aspect depends on various factors both subtle (ie impressions and dreams) and non-subtle (ie decisions, responses, reactions).

If you keep a journal it may be easier to follow your psychology this week, and a suggested route to do so is the following:

Think of your interactions last week, or how did your week end; was it fruitful and inspirational? Did you have creative ideas that were out of the ordinary and were very excited to put them in action? Were you looking forward to be with an intimate other and share honest conversations? Were your meditations deep or more difficult to stay focused? Was your communication overall more authentic and heart-centered, or more detached?

Now, how was your Sunday? Did it have the same feel to it like the prior three days? Did you feel disconnect from the purposeful inspiration you had before or felt even more on target? Did you feel your enthusiasm watered down and kinda of lost with no direction? Was it the best day you have had in a long time? Or, you had no clue what to do whatsoever and spent the day in front of the TV?

Pay attention and record your dreams, thoughts and feelings as we move into the New Moon’s influence, tomorrow Tuesday.  I will be guiding you further on this week’s journey…



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