WednesdayReflection: Taking Time To Dry Out

We are still in the afterglow of a powerful New Moon in Pisces joined by two luminaries that will be guiding us along our spiritual path for a long while, Neptune and Chiron.  If you took some time to reflect on yesterday’s assignment, today and tomorrow till early evening will be good to take some extra time to “dry out”.

There are two Moon aspects today I’d like to cover briefly as they seem to be giving an extra touch to the felt atmosphere, whether above or under water:

First, the Moon still in Pisces is conjuncting Mercury in Pisces; how you feel, or what you have been feeling and how you communicate or express those feelings? Since we are still in the deep waters of Pisces, the inner landscape can go from an extreme exhilaration and endless creativity to a deep, sorrowful place where escape in any form feels the best scenario. So, how do you express what you feel or do you, at all?

Second, the Moon opposes Mars in Virgo, retrograde at the moment, giving us a moment to reflect on action once we have figured out our emotions and how we express them.  This part of taking action can be tricky today (think of earth/soil+water= mud) and what I would suggest is to take some additional reflection time.

Finally, now that we have been through this roller-coaster of the last few days, the moon becomes  void of course for 24 hours before it goes into Aries, Thursday evening PST.  Perhaps this event gives us the extra time off  to assimilate the energetic touches, whether we are conscious of them or not, keeping an open mind and heart as we feel our way forward with the new cycle.


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