FridayLove: When Being Is Enough

The week went by too fast between resting from a weekend intensive with the Rejuvenate Community I assisted at, and a dental procedure that knocked me out for a couple of days. As I was pondering on the energies of the week, Tuesday-Wednesday the Sun was squaring the North and South nodes; it was a time for decision making as to where you are and where you want to go.  Personally, I was trying to figure things out when I realized that it was indeed about a decision I had to make and allow for the clarity and next step to follow.

Good thing I made that decision before the dental procedure (smile) as I was recovering the last couple of days, back to reality today. Even though, I realized that after a dental procedure that shakes your entire cranial structure, reality skips a little bit.  At any rate, the weekend starts with the Moon in Cancer, a beautiful setting for intimate gatherings, friends, good food, good company, connecting, relating, hot bath, massage, anything nourishing! Things may also be quite emotional and touchy, so be mindful of your words and tone.

Then, Saturday afternoon, the Sun in Pisces is opposite to Mars in Virgo. Oppositions between two planets may either bring tension or awareness; it is as if someone you haven’t seen in a while calls your name from across the street and you may choose to either cross the street and go meet them and catch up, or  ignore them and pretend you didn’t hear them calling.

One expression of this aspect for me was to realize that I was trying too hard to make things happen, to meet the deadline for the 1st draft of my book and to launch a group program. When, what I needed to do first was to love myself enough to be patient while I was recovering fully, so as to then be 100 percent present with my writing and what else I had to do.

With Mars in Virgo there is a potential for self-criticism if who/where you are right now does not fit the big picture.  As you move in your weekend take time to nurture yourself and spend quality time with those you love, and if you notice a tendency towards high expectations, of yourself and others, impatience and getting stuck in details, pause, take a deep breath and… pay a compliment to yourself, and to others if present.


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