TuesdayReflection: Sun in Aries, New Cycle Of Opportunities

Happy Spring Equinox!

A powerful day when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, and signals the start of a new year and a new cycle of opportunities.  Aries represents the energy of Pioneers, Shape-shifters, Visionaries, Doers as well as the initiative and courage it takes to say yes, and follow your dreams.

As this is the beginning of the new annual cycle, it is the perfect time to review what you have accomplished since March 2011.  That entails any small feats from walking around your block once a day and drinking more water to having written your book, launched a seven-figure business or married the love of your life!

Take some time today and journal what you have learned, what stands out for you, what gave you joy and what sadness; make it easy by starting from now, this month, going backwards to last March.

Then, set your dreams for the new year; perhaps you already have a plan of action but I would challenge you to go a little deeper and write down what resides in your heart, no matter how silly, crazy or unattainable it may seem.

I believe that this new cycle will surprise us in ways we never expected and take us to directions we never fathomed, taking also into consideration the upcoming astro influences. It will be fascinating to go back one year from now and read what you intuitively were already tapping into by aligning with the incoming energies today.


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