WednesdayReflection: When The Self Meets The Messenger

We are on the eve of the New Moon in Aries, the ignition for new beginnings and a new cycle of opportunities initiated by the Sun entering Aries a couple of days ago.

This afternoon, as I was laying out the structure of a new class I will be teaching next month and feeling right on the spot and very connected, I realised that we are under the influence of the Sun conjuncting Mercury today.  Think of the Sun (Self) in Aries (courageous and pioneering spirit) meeting up and close with Mercury (how you think and communicate) in Aries (direct laser focus)!

The result could be a brilliant idea that you can now see how it fits the bigger picture, or an answer to a challenge you have had, or an insight on why someone’s behavior triggers you.  However, there could also be a greater difficulty to communicate clearly and authentically as Mercury is retrograde, thus double check that your message was received as you intended.

With the Moon being void-of-course till Thursday morning 3am PST when it enters Aries, it is also a good day to pause and take some time to walk out in nature, meet or talk with friends, and have a special meal.

If you have been working on the assignment from Tuesday use this time to complete it, as well as to record your insights and ideas from today.


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