MondayReflection; Moving Towards Synthesis

Happy Monday!

We are already in the month of April and if you ask me, I have no idea how the time went by so fast. In the Christian tradition this week leads to Easter Sunday, for the Eastern Orthodox folks we have one more week of lent preparation and to get ready for the long, pass midnight service!

The major influences this week astrologically speaking are Venus moving into Gemini on Tuesday, Mercury going direct on Wednesday and  the Super Full Moon on Friday.

Even though Mercury may seemingly provide a relief by “turning direct” it is still in Pisces for a couple more weeks so make sure you are clear in your communication especially when it is around your feelings and how you perceive relationship-related interactions.

Venus in Gemini is beautiful; I see it as the elegant communicator aspiring to bring out the best in all endeavors.  Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and quite comfortable in this sign. Moreover, we will have the opportunity to experience what this aspect contributes to our individual and collective lives till August 7th, when Venus will move into Cancer.

There is something to pay attention to when personal planets like Mars and Venus stay for long periods of time in one sign, and the best way to work with this is to notice what happens at the beginning of the cycle; i.e. what are the predominant themes in your life and the questions you ask yourself. Then, at the end of the cycle reflect on the answers you have received and what you have learned about yourself.

Themes with Venus in Gemini may be around how you bridge your everyday life with spirituality in a way that is beautiful and fulfilling, or seeking those connections, intimate and other, that bring out the best in you and leave you energized and inspired, or working on creative projects that express who you are.  Overall, with Venus in Gemini there is a strive towards synthesis of what we feel, say, think and want.

Have a great week!


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