ThursdayReflection: Sun in Taurus, An Earthly Delight

Grilled Salmon ala sushi- ©2012 Liliane Mavridara

Following the threads of my thoughts and activities today, the main theme was around food, taste and pleasure.  More than once I had the opportunity to comment that the deliciousness of a flavorful food, the bodily and sensual experience of the taste of such food, whether it is grilled lobster with butter or creamy tiramisu, has a direct effect on the erogenous areas of our entire body.

Moreover, the way we prepare the food, and of course the time we spend tasting and enjoying it, enhance this.

What I found fascinating thus as I was pondering on these concepts is that the Sun is actually entering the sign of Taurus, early morning on Thursday (PST), which is all about earthly delights.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, a planet that gives this whole month an extra “touch” of earthy experience, a grounding of the senses, a reaching out or yearning for what feeds our earthly substance through our senses, being food, lovemaking, massage, beauty, connection.

It can also play out as an increased desire for shopping and purchases of all kinds as this is another way to enjoy life, even if (at times) more superficial.  The rest of the week leads to a powerful New Moon in Taurus and with Mars now in forward movement, still in earthy Virgo,  daily living may also seem more grounded and fruitful.

Things could start moving forward faster than we are able to keep up with, thus will be interesting to note your experiences for the next week or so.  I am personally looking very much forward to this weekend, the New Moon in Taurus and the final conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in Aries for this year.

I believe that Mars’s tenure in Virgo for such a long time, since last November and not over for another couple of months, has added a different experience in our lives, especially in regards to who we are and how we show up daily, which we are not fully aware of as yet.  Time will tell!


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