Full Moon and Taurus Wesak Festival

In the eve of a very powerful Full Moon in Scorpio, we also celebrate the Taurus Wesak Festival.

There is a legend in the esoteric traditions describing that during the Full Moon under the solar sign of Taurus, in the Wesak valley of the Himalayas, at the exact time when the Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus, the veil between the seen and the unseen becomes so thin that pilgrims waiting down in the valley can see at the top of the mountain the Buddha appearing from the etheric realm, meeting with other great Masters and blessing Humanity.

It is also said that those who attest to such a presence are changed for ever.  There is a beautiful documentary that describes the pilgrimage and the ceremony that takes place during the Full Moon celebration, called “Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet”.

Torkom Saraydarian in a lecture from 1994 said that this Festival “brings the divinity within each person out to manifestation, and when this happens the individual realizes his/her purpose”.

Moreover, the Scorpio Full Moon this year has an extra charge because it is also a super Full Moon, meaning that the Moon is the closest to the Earth than any other time.

If you meditate, use the time of the exact aspect, Saturday night May 5th, 8:35 pm PST/11:35 EST (USA) to sit in silence. If you are sleeping at that time, set an intent to be carried to the Valley along with many others to witness the splendor of the Festival and receive Buddha’s blessing.  Record your dreams in either case and reflect on their message.


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