MondayReflection:When Venus Awakens Your Essence

Full Moon over Spetses-2012© Liliane Mavridara

We are midway in the fiery energy of this Full Moon in Sagittarius, influenced greatly by beautiful Venus embracing the Sun in a unique and rare way, and bathed in Neptune’s deep waters as it stands still today.

This exceptional embrace of Venus with the Sun in Gemini seems to be an awakening of what is important, of what is good, true and beautiful, of what it is you love!. And, since Gemini is all about communication and the bridging of the personality with the Soul, Venus calls you to communicate the depth of whom you are experiencing yourself to be (the essence of who you truly are in your heart) in a new way, your unique way.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and what Venus calls beautiful, Neptune takes it a step further making it  transcendent beauty. Think of a simple but elegant drawing in charcoal now animated with 3D colors.

As Venus continues its embrace with the Sun, the personality (Sun) is awakened to the beauty of the essence within, and that essence is then magnified by Neptune’s transcendent and artistic (Neptune in Pisces) valor. I know I am using a lot of poetic terms here but I would like you to think of these planetary influences in this way, as they awaken deep within what is uniquely yours to bring forth this time around. Your life is a piece of art that you co-create day by day.

Take some time between now and Wednesday to sit in silence, to meditate, to journal, to do anything that feels inspiring and brings a smile to your face. This is a moment, this is an energetic blessing if you will, that you wont be experiencing again in your lifetime.

If this is your moment then, if this is your time to create anything you wish, to live everything you love, what would that be? what would it look like?


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