ThursdayReflection: Making A Decision

Long BeachNY2011© Liliane Mavridara

First day of summer in the Northern hemisphere; the Sun entered the sign of Cancer last night within about a day following the second New Moon in Gemini.

As the days go by I get to understand more and more why 2012 is being considered such a pivotal year, and for me this understanding comes primarily through studying and experiencing the influence of the current planetary expression.

I can assure you it is not an easy ride and at the same time, the discomfort comes mainly from the resistance to go with the river’s rapid flow when the shore does not look familiar anymore.

The common thread in the current transits is about freedom of expression, owning your story and truth, redefining your values and what is of priority, and stepping with courage and trust into the unknown. And, interestingly, this morning as I was contemplating on a meditation image for the first degree of the Sun in Cancer, the key interpretation was about (paraphrasing) “a point of no return”.

This could be about stepping into what is new and letting go of what has been whether in business, relationship or way of being; or, it could be a time when everything forces you to step into that part of yourself which is free from societal norms and what you “should” do; or, it could be about deciding to follow your heart and its knowing no matter how scary this may be.

As you go about your week, reflect on what could  the threshold be for you, where in your life are you called to make changes? acknowledge your feelings, whatever they may be, and reach out for support.  Go for what gives you joy and fills you with love and gratitude.


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  1. change in planetary position applies to everybody the same way? Interesting blog!! The advise or observation seems so generic-can not understand how and why it applies to 2012 only!!


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