TuesdayReflection: Mars Is Finally Moving On And So Is Daily Life

OregonCoast2011©Liliane Mavridara

Happy Full Moon!

Great aspects are coloring the day and I would like to focus on one, that is the planet Mars changing signs today from Virgo to Libra.

Mars is a personal planet, in that its energies influence our daily living.  Mars is a fiery planet (rules the sign of Aries) and has to do with our outward movement, the action(s) we take based on what we think and feel passionate about, and how we navigate that forward movement.

Mars has been in the sign of Virgo since November 2011; Virgo is an earth sign, detail oriented, analytical, and with a tendency to be either caught up in too much detail or it can let go and become self-critical. Virgo is a service oriented sign; many healers and coaches have Virgo prominent in their chart, but sometimes they may focus on serving others so much so that they forget or neglect to take care of themselves first.

Personal planets tend to move relatively fast around the zodiac and when a personal planet stays for eight months in one sign, there is definitely something to be learned.  Depending on where Mars has been in your chart, what house it has been transiting, that will give you a clue to what you may have been working on over the last few months.

As Mars shifts today from an earth sign (Virgo)  to an air one (Libra),  there is a shift in energy as far as how we may actively go about our daily expression, whether it is towards our goals, our work  or connection to others.

For today, take a moment to reflect on these last eight months, November 2011 to the present, and how your self and life may have changed. What have you learned about self-assertion, self-criticism, self-love? What about your values, self-boundaries, expansion in your mind and heart?

Take note of how far you may have come in certain aspects, take a deep breath, and allow for the next step to unfold.

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