WednesdayInspiration: When Women Speak From Their Heart

Kc Baker-Liliane Mavridara-SanFran-July15, 2012

A little over a week ago, I had the unique privilege to attend a live event here in San Francisco, presented by Kc Baker and The School For The Well Spoken Woman.

Nine powerful women shared their inspirational message on stage, in front of a women-only audience of 150.

Each speaker had a unique message to share, speaking from her heart and reaching into the audience’s heart.

It is challenging to find words that capture the emotional upliftment, connection and support that I experienced being in that environment; I was moved and inspired!

What I realized during the evening, the gold kernel if you will, is that our message and what we long to share with the world, transforms itself through our voice in such a magical way, that no matter what the actual words are, when we speak it from the heart it transcends language barriers, cultures, physical substance, and transforms consciousness at the cellular level.

Coming out of that experience, and a thought leader and speaker myself, I cannot imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life than to share what I long for with women all over the world, transforming millions one heart at a time.

If you are in New York this coming weekend, July 29th, grab the opportunity to see a similar event but East Coast style, and get inspired.  I promise it will be an evening to remember!!!

For more information visit http://kcbakerintnyc.


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