WednesdayReflection: The Lion Heart and Aquarius Full Moon

Full Moon, London2011© Liliane Mavridara

Happy Month and Happy Full Moon!

August starts with a Full Moon which means we will have one more Full Moon at the end of August, called a Blue Moon.

I love anything Leo, not only because of its creative flair but also because of its significance as a sign.  The Lion heart, is often a name given to portray the Leo qualities.  On the personality level, one can be ego centric and selfish, expecting the world to revolve around him/her (one of the traits).

On the soul level though, the individual who starts awakening and following his/her inner guidance, realizes that the heart is the one leading the way.  Thus the personality starts shining its light from within, claiming leadership through leading by example and life becomes an inspiring, creative and  humbling experience.

In this Full Moon, the Sun (personality) is in Leo and the Moon (emotional nature) is in Aquarius, a sign that serves humanity, that focuses on the greater whole, on doing what is good and beneficial for everyone involved.  At the same time though, an Aquarius Moon can be non emotional and detached from one’s heart and guidance.

Some of the topics to reflect on today are: where in your life do you lead with the heart; where do you allow for freedom of expression to strike; where do you become detached, or where do you care only for others, neglecting your own needs?  Remember that what you give out, what you broadcast, is relevant to what you are aware of, to what you already know within.

The more you love, the more you know how love feels, the more you can open to it and seek it out.  With Venus in a trine aspect with Saturn (also coloring this Full Moon),  a pattern that was repeated again in May, we are learning about right relationships, about owning who we are within, about seeking what is true, just and beautiful.

Thus we stand during this Full Moon period (two days before, day of, two days after) reflecting on the lessons we have learned about love and relationships, allowing the Leo heart  to shine forth and claim a creative and fulfilling life at all levels, for both oneself and the other(s).


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