FridayLove: Romantics Anonymous, a beautiful movie

Romantics Anonymous (2011)

I have been watching a lot of independent movies lately and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon a French movie called “Romantics Anonymous” or “Les Emotifs Anonymes”.

An absolutely beautiful, funny, heart warming and very current movie.  I loved a lot of things about it and above all its realness and rawness, a characteristic of the European movies; two characters utterly shy and yet courageous in their own way.

In the present day when there is a lot of discussion about online dating, and some of us not abiding by this modern trend, through this movie we get to experience what it means to be shy, what it means to be humble and perplexed when we are left to figure things out on our own, when we feel we have screwed up by letting our defenses down, and lastly what it feels like when we open up and see into another heart for what they may be going through.

A couple of my favorite spots were a) when the male protagonist tells his shrink “I don’t have any problem with women, I love women…they just terrify me!

And b) when the female protagonist comments on the internal pressure and heat of the emotion (creative, romantic or other) as volcano ready to erupt and yet, unable to let it express out of fear of others’ response.

Definitely one of the must-see movies of this summer!


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