Full Moon in Aries: When Fire Is Electrified

Malahide,IE ©2012 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Happy Full Moon!

This Full Moon has been one of the most intense of 2012 so far I find, and even though I greatly enjoy moving in harmony with the cycles,  this time all feels very different.

There are many fiery aspects going on, the most important being a powerful square of Uranus to Pluto (last week) which still colors this Full Moon.

During this lunation, the Sun in Libra asks us to continue striving for balance and for authentic, meaningful and beautiful relationships (Venus in Leo/Saturn last days in Libra) while the Moon in Aries (fire element, opposite the Sun) is jolted, electrified by Uranus (also in Aries-double fire-sitting next to each other) asking us to respond in new ways. Pluto (in Capricorn) is also involved, asking us to release what is not serving us any more (limiting beliefs, old structures) so that we move into deeper layers of connection and truth.

Uranus is very intense in that because it is electricity it affects our nervous system, and we can experience it as agitation, sleeplessness, disorientation.  It can also manifest in accidents and power outages which is something I heard from many friends today.

At the other end of the spectrum, we are provided with a stream of creative and intuitional flow to tune in to our dreams and what we want to create in our lives, that is fully aligned with our values and aspirations.   If you have to make decisions, take into consideration how you will feel in the long run, ie whether this decision will add to your growth, will lead to more love, more intimacy, greater fulfillment.

If this weekend you feel like “chillin’ out”, doing nothing serious, follow your gut! Hang out with friends, have fun, rest, cook, watch a movie, make love, journal, record your dreams and insights, move your body through exercise, walking or dancing.  And above all, take some time to meditate, whether sitting or walking, to allow your mind to receive the blessings of this Full Moon.


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