Last days Of the Sun In Libra: what do you choose?

This afternoon as I was making a video about my new class, “Using Astrology To Live The Relationship Of Your Dreams”, and commenting on what are some of Saturn in Libra themes, I realized that when we talk about challenges in relationships more often than not these are negative, ie divorce, separation, heartache, etc.

However, meeting a soul mate can also be challenging.  I actually think it is even more  challenging because you are then asked to not only leave behind any expectations and beliefs that are colored by your past experiences, but also to step up and show the best of who you are.

Or, you may also choose to show the worst of you because you are afraid (or don’t know) what that “best” will look like;  how much love “it” will be able to give and receive; how much happiness “it” can stand.

I believe that intimate relating is the most challenging of all relationship kinds, especially for women.  There is a lot of pressure and unconscious conditioning that plays out, even generational and family karma, and that is why intimate relationships are the best platform for personal and spiritual growth.

I do know that it is much easier to be single, there is no “work” involved, no commitment no nothing. Or,  to choose unavailable mates who will prove to be not the right fit after all.  But, if you are determined to live a life and love with no compromise and discover who you are deep within and enjoy every minute of it, you would be in awe as to your findings.

So, as you go about your weekend I invite you to reflect on which end of the scales (Libra theme) do you rest; the one labeled “I am afraid of love but willing to go for it anyway” or the one that writes “I don’t want to deal with that, it’s too much work?”

Here is the video I made:

For more information visit here!


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