SundayReflection: We Are Our Own Role Model

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A couple of days ago I listened to an interview of Ali Brown with Marianne Williamson on “Women & Leadership”.  This is a hot topic in my circles, as well as the main focus of my work, and was interesting to listen to Marianne and how she defines leadership, especially as it pertains to politics.

One of the things I respect about her is how she always tells things how they are without giving a damn how others will take it!

A couple of her comments stood out as they both reflect the current astrology and my teachings;  “Sometimes the circumstances that teach us the most are not necessarily the circumstances other people would even understand or relate to”, and that “our role model should be who we are ultimately to be.”

On the same day with this interview, the Sun (only 3 days in Scorpio) met up close and personal with Saturn (recent in Scorpio too), an aspect (conjunction) that hasn’t occurred for about 30 years. When the Sun enters a new sign, it is like a fresh breath of air, an opportunity to see something with new eyes. And depending on that sign’s affinity with your natal blueprint and how prominent it is, that breath of air may have more of a personal sensation.

With the Sun meeting Saturn, it is as if this new fresh breeze intends to emphasize a newness in the heart, a newness in what is to come.  With Saturn, the Great Teacher, there is always a learning involved and that learning will be unique to each one of us.

Moreover, with Scorpio’s signature in the air, part of this learning is about self-awareness and intimacy, no matter what the container, no matter whether it makes sense to anyone else or not. And, we will be given plenty of opportunities over the next three years to discover the depths and boundaries of our own authority, the truth of who we may become when we follow the unique path that lies ahead, the one only we can see and tread.

As you go about your week, take a moment to reflect on the situations when you question what you do or think and instead of first checking in with your heart, you either seek external approval or compare with what others would do/have done. There is nothing wrong with asking for advice or study how others, ahead of you, live their life as long as you can discern what is part of their reality and what is yours to explore, experience and learn.

Have a great week!


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