FridayReflection: Falling Out Of Love

Cape Mears,Oregon Coast ©2012 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

This morning I woke-up with the question,  Am I in love?  The answer, an affirmative No,  was a reality check that I needed to pause-reflect-reboot, because the “in love” state of being provides unlimited inspiration and influences all areas of my life.

A couple of days ago we had a powerful Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini,  and being a Gemini, I found myself in an unusual state of introspection and reflection.  This morning’s question therefore helped me understand more about the psychology of that event.

First of all, both the Solar Eclipse on November 13 and this Lunar Eclipse on November 28 initiated a new cycle of experiences which will take us through the next pair of eclipses in May 2013.  To better understand the learning that comes during these cycles you can look back, in this case to the May 20/June 4, 2012 eclipses, and reflect on what has happened in your life since then.

Two days before the current eclipse, Venus was sitting side by side with Saturn, both in Scorpio.  Venus and Saturn have been conversing ceaselessly on relationship issues over the last six months through different angles, but the current one is like a tap on the shoulder asking you questions such as,  What have you learned about relationships over the last six months? Where and how do you feel nurtured and supported? What do you do when you don’t feel appreciated and acknowledged? How do you handle a loss or lack in intimate connection?

One day before the eclipse, Mars was sitting side by side with Pluto, both in Capricorn, adding to the above questions; What do you do when any of the above happens? Do you withdraw and feel like crap or do you say what you want? How can you respond differently from how you are used to, without fear of being too vulnerable or sharing too much, so that you are at peace within? What will you choose to do so as to build a foundation for supportive and fulfilling relationships for many years to come? 

Lastly, this Lunar eclipse in Gemini may have helped eclipse something from the past, perhaps a behavioral pattern that does not serve you any more, or you may have realized the need to  change how you relate and communicate because all else leaves you drained and bitter.

As we are still under the signature of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, take the time to reflect on what may the case be for you; then take note of how you would like your intimate life to be, how you would like to feel and what you would like to experience so that you feel inspired, supported and in love!


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