FridayReflection: The Most Inspiring Winter Solstice Ever!

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I think this Winter Solstice is the most inspiring and exciting ever!

There are so many strong influences before and after the Solstice, enough to make these days a major “turning point” even without the Mayan story.

The Sun enters Capricorn, a shift in energy by itself, moving from the fiery one-pointed focused Sagittarius to the earthy, practical manifestor Capricorn. Having set our goals and aspirations  last month we now get to actualize them in a grounded and methodical way.

A few hours later, the Sun interacts with Neptune (in 1 degree Pisces) in a way that won’t happen again in our life time because of how long it takes Neptune to move through a sign.  This interaction is asking us to move through a threshold of consciousness to a new awareness of being, that unites and does not separate, that transforms reality as we know it, and that makes what is invisible visible.

Meanwhile,  a Yod configuration or the “finger of God” as it is called, is formed among Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Yods are important in that they carry a special energy, a charged energy that requires our attention to a release point,  a choice, or a break through.

I am not certain yet how it will all play out, but I consider Saturn in Scorpio asking for more depth and vulnerability in relationships, and Pluto in Capricorn asking for transformation in whatever foundation does not serve a higher purpose or vision of life, both pointing to a release through Jupiter, the great benefactor retrograde in Gemini, seeking communication and understanding.

An understanding that soothes the soul and mind, and is aligned with what is beautiful, true and just in all that we do, say and think; an influence from Venus as it opposes Jupiter the next day.

Lastly, as we bathe in this whole transformational energy, we also have the ending of one cycle (as it relates to the famous Mayan Calendar)  and the beginning of a new.  We are given (again) a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the New World history; we are literally asked to both write  our individual stories and do it in such a way that it is contributing to the greater whole.

A history that is anchored in the universal principles of right relationships, justice, freedom, joy, beauty and love.

All in all, these days are an incredibly fertile time for meditation, reflection and reception of intuitive hits and clarity.  I would strongly suggest to take some quiet time to be with yourself, fully present to what is and what you would like it to be; “it” being your life at all levels.

The new world starts with your unique story; share, express, communicate, aspire!  We are living in exciting times!


PS:  The once every 7 years World Servers Festival Week also takes place now, Dec 21-28th, 2012. Esoteric groups around the globe will be meeting online and subjectively for meditation, education and discussion on specific topics.  Visit the 2012 Initiative for more info and the international schedule.

Visit PlanetWaves for more on this Yod, and Kim Falconer’s site for more on the prophecy.


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