SaturdayInspiration: Global Birth 2012

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I had the privilege of attending the live event of Birth 2012 at the Severna Park Hub in MD.

A wonderful event full of inspiration, music, connection with existing friends while meeting new friends, and partaking in a global movement with a focused intent.

The hubs from around the world were live over the internet , a mind bugling notion on its own if you think that millions of people all around the world were celebrating together and at the same time a new beginning; a new opportunity to write history as we wish it to be.

My blog on Friday covered a lot about the different influences we are encountering these days and the choices we have, and it was beautiful to watch the unfolding of this event and the blossoming in the human hearts of what we intend for the new world. This was a great example of the planetary opposition of Venus to Jupiter, when we were asked to choose and live according to what is just, true and beautiful.

If today is the first day of the rest of our lives, how will we start it, what will we choose differently, what will we let go of so that we are more aligned with our vision for our lives and those around us?

An exercise we did was to write down what we intent for us personally, for humanity and for earth and then share it out loud, giving in that way voice to what we intent and seed what is possible for the future.  My intent for humanity was to live with self -awareness and responsibility for our words, thoughts and deeds, and to embrace magic in daily living!

And with this intent, we move into the holly days of Christmas which whether celebrated religiously or not, their essence is one of love, gratitude and sharing of our hearts.

May it be a blessed time!.


*** You can still watch part of the broadcast from Birth2012 here.


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