MondayReflection: Starting Off Anew

Happy Monday!

My thoughts and reflections are mixed this morning as I have been interacting  with different groups and individuals the last few days, not only background-wise but also culturally.

This year feels very different and I believe it has to do to a great extent with the washing off of the planetary transits we have had over the last couple of weeks.  The visual (and bodily-felt sensation) I have is being on the beach, lying on the sand right where the waves come in, after having played rackets for hours, running here and there, falling down and getting messy from the sand, yet exhilarated and blissful from the whole activity.

Lying finally down to catch a breath, feeling the waves come in washing off the sand, the sweat, the heat, refreshing you and allowing you to deeply sink in the way you feel.  *** I can even tell you which Greek island and beach I am on…

So, being in this felt sensation I believe is the signature of this year. How much more can you ground into your body, into your heart, into your senses so much so that the inner and outer become one? So much so that decision making and what to do next is effortless and organic because you are doing what is truly needed in the moment.

Sure, there are plans and goals but the driving force is from being not from doing.  The difference is very subtle I know and yet, there will be plenty of opportunities to become aware and practice in the months ahead.

Understanding where you have been the year prior – mentally, emotionally and spiritually – what were the themes you were working on and what you learned, is paramount to how you will navigate this year.  I would encourage you if you haven’t done a year review already, to take an hour or so in the next few days and do it. It may be eye-opener.

Have a glorious week.


To find out  more on how I can support you this year, please contact me.


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